This is really self explanitory! This all about me! This is where you see big moments like comebacks, dunks, insperate, stuff like that! This is where you get the team's info. Ex. When it was made, first coach, stuff like that. This is the page where you get the info about the player. (Remember you can't get the player info from the teams if you are wondering). This is where you find the team's upsets (they get upset), when they lose momentum, lose a player, or a coach. You may now know why I did (WHY?!). This is where you get some fun facts about basketball, teams, and players. (Remember, there is no fun facts in the teams or players tab. This is where I got all my sources. This is not a .net site. Just know that if you only DO NOT LIKE .com sites. This is one of the most important ones I have. This is when basketball was made, who made it, and why he made it. Also the first teams. Last but not least, The teams that go deleted. There will be more that i'll put in.