These are a couple of intrestig cat stroies around the world.

A woman in New Zealand has called the police after her cat left a bag of drugs on her doorstep, it's been reported.

The worried owner, who has not been identified, apparently rang the authorities in Dunedin on the county's South Island after she found the bag with 5g (0.2oz) of cannabis inside. ''You hear of cats bringing dead birds and rats home, but certainly in my career I've never seen anything like this before," Sergeant Reece Munro tells the Otago Daily Times, adding the marijuana has a street value of about NZ$100 ($85, £51).

While the origin of the cannabis remains a mystery, Munro says that - until now - he'd never stopped to think about the sniffing potential of cats. "We certainly have police dogs trained to detect drugs - this might be something police could explore in the future," he says.

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