Welcome to the Pokemon Orange and Purple website! This will explain my idea of another pokemon game.

Because every pokemon game has a base color, and they release games in pairs, I decided to use the only 2 colors they have not used, orange and purple. Therefore these will be the base colors of my eventual game! The orange game will have the topic of dreams, purple hopes. So this may sound weird or cool, depending on what kind of a person you are, but the full name of the project is "Pokemon Orange and Purple: Hopes and Dreams"

In order to create this game, I needed an organized filing system so that me and the other person working on this project can view and edit the information and thus get the job done faster and more efficient. That is the reason why I have dedicated this website for that very purpose.

There are 7 pages to this website, which I will briefly explain for your convenience. The first page on this website is the Home page, which you are obviously viewing right at this moment. The second page is the pokemon page, which shows all of the NEW pokemon I have invented and their stats and movesets, along with their evolutions and levels to evolve and get certain moves. Maybe someday I might also add strategies to using the different new pokemon. The third page is the NPC page (by the way, NPC stands for non playable character, which basically means a virtual person that walks around and talks) which shows the sprites and possibly the things that each NPC says to you and what pokemon they have (if any) This also includes the gym leaders, elite 4, and champion and possibly strategies to beat them. The landscape page includes the different tiles and maps in the game, along with houses, shrubbery, furniture, castle/tower architecture, all that kind of stuff. The items page has the things you can use, things that go in your backpack as you play that you can use along the way. this also includes TMs and HMs, which are moves that certain pokemon can learn regardless of level. Then we have the sound and music page, which has the sounds of each pokemon and their moves, and also every other soundwave coming from your game sytem that your ear sends to your brain, which interprets them as music. Finally there is the "other" page, which includes secrets, maybe strategies, the plot, and everything else that cannot go into the other pages.