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July 18, 2012 Minecraft is a game where you try to survive. You can craft items to use. You can craft: blocks ,food,tools,transportation. AMS or (a minecraft server) is an example of a good original 20 slot server. Check out their website at ams. From golden apples to tripwires to temples ,Minecraft has it all!. You can attack mobs,animals and other players. Over 6 millon people have bought the game. Minecraft involves thinking and redstone technology. Minecraft adventure maps involve thinking to solve puzzles or a quest. Other people make them and you play them. Minecraft is basically a sandbox
where you can build everything you can imagine. Go on servers, survive or build. play with freinds or even build a castle(or the big ben clock)Eat some food to heal or replenish your hunger(yes,we have cookies). Follow develper jeb on twitter. Go jeb!.Minecrafts team of developers have about 8 staff in total.
minecraft creations are mind blowing.
Minecraft has no guns. PARENTS:Minecraft has no violence on singleplayer. It has many items and redstone,redstone is basically a wire and can be useful for pistons, traps ,ect. You could build an airport or a castle or a mighty airship or even a kingdom with boats and a village. Maybe it is a floating city or an airplane. Visit minecraft.net for more information after your done reading this article. Please leave a comment below.
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