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It may seem random, but it will surely make your day seem brighter. This website will make sure to include what goes on in everyday life, information about randomness, and of course hilarious, stupid puns. The goal is to make someone happy.

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07/17/14 This will be my last post :( Once I put it online, I can't edit it againnnn so um ya bye

The cookies were great! We decided on peanut butter. We also tried no bake cookies, but they didn't turn out very good, the oats were a little to chewy for my taste...

Today I'm wearing a hat. I don't why, I just like hats okay?

07/16/14 I'm going to make cookies today! Betty Crocker mix is by far the best (you should get it) so goooood.

I'm so cold right now. Just need some warm cookies...

07/15/14 Watched Next Great Baker and Chasing life all night long. So tired... Why you would care I have no idea.


please don't sue me thanks