Jeffrey's Website

Hello and welcome to my webpage that I made at a camp I went to. I have two dogs named Kimi and Fluffers. I have friends from my school and my my basketball team I play with. I like to player computer games like Addicting Games and many others. I like to play outside and with my dogs. I like to play basketball out doors with my friends. I like to sit outside and relax in peace and quiet. I like to swim in the pool that is close to our house. I like to play with my friends there especially on hot days. The pool really cools you off in that hot on beating down on you. Me and my friends really like to hang out with each other like to go to the pool or to go somewhere to eat such as Burger King or McDonalds. I am a Chicago Bulls fan. My favorite person is Derrick Rose. He is a awesome player when he drives to the net or when the game is close and he takes the last shot and makes it and everyone is happy except for the other team. a I like to grill with my dad and my friends and neighbors. I like grilling a lot.a I have an awesome Dad and a loving Mother. I have to brothers that are annoying but I still love them. Some of my favorite computer games are Addicting games, fun brain, and you tube.