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this website is about video games. One of the video games that i will talk about today is minecraft. Most parents dont want there children to play a lot of video games. I know that you cant play video games for ever but minecraft is a good game to play that is rayed E and it dosnt have any inapropeate pictures or anything.


there is no rules to minecraft and it is easy and fun. The part that is hard is when you use somthing at the wrong time it could mess up the world. Minecraft is super fun and i do play it myself. I've been playing it for a while now and i know lots in minecraft. If you play ipod or iphone you can duplacate diomonds. First you need to place 9 blocks of diomonds in a row and shut of the phone or ipod then turn it back on then doudle click delete the game down load it agian the go on it then you have 18 free diomonds.


minecraft is the best rated game for 2 years.there are many diffrent devices to minecraft on but i would

recemond PC witch is the computer. most of the ways people play minecraft is on xbox.




today you will read about me and minecraft.