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This is Eva Lindell's web site!

This web site was created on 1/3/2014!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! Oh, by the way- you are entering a fandom zone. Hunger Games, Harry

Find me on Google+: +EK Lindell

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Potter, Warriors... WARNING: FANGIRLING MAY OCCUR. Please take the proper precautions. :)

Me ---->


Okay... So. I'm going to tell you 20 facts about myself!!! :)

1. My name is Eva Lindell

2. My birthday is April 12th

3. I've lived in 5 different cities: Cincinnati, OH; Detroit, MI; Springboro, OH; Omaha, NE; Illinois (I'm not going to tell you where I live now because that would be weird)

4. My best friends are: Grace, Ally, Chaeli, Zoe, Jamie, Sophie, Jorie, and Julia (sorry, I didn't list them all)

5. Favorite book: Catching Fire

6. Favorite movie: Catching Fire

7. Favorite actress: Jennifer Lawrence

8. Favorite actor: Josh Hutcherson

Above: My favorite YouTube videos :) (sorry for some language)

9. I have 4 family members

10. In most Warriors role plays, I'm called Oceankit/paw/breeze/star, and sometimes I'm a rogue called Ocean or Sea

11. I love Minecraft!

12. I love role playing Warriors on Minecraft :)

13. My favorite character in the Hunger Games is Peeta

14. I love Apple and Google products

15. I have read every single book in the Warriors, Percy Jackson, Heros of Olympus, Hunger Games, and Harry Potter series :)

16. I am birthday buddies with my friend Jamie :)

17. I love math

18. I am running out of facts

19. If you haven't notcied already, I love cats =^u^=

20. I don't have any pets :(