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Server Info:

Slots: 20

Server Type: CraftBukkit

Gamemode: Creative

Whitelist: Private



Hello and welcome to the website of AMS. Here we will hopefully provide you with more detailed information about AMS. On this website is information about our plugins that our server runs and what commands you can use. We hope that you will find this website helpfull.

Basic Information

AMS is a private server whose only members are by invitation only. This website is made to povide information for those members. If you are looking for a server you can join, this server is not for you. But for those who are members, you are welcome to look through this website and learn about the commands and features of AMS.

Server Details

The server runs on the latest version of CraftBukkit(see Links) and includes 3 main pugins CommandBin(A lightweight alternative of Essentials) iZone(a zone portection system) and Permissions Ex bundled with chatmanager and modifyworld. You may read about the commands and details of these plugins in their pages. We also have a two other plugins, Chess craft and Boatmod. You can also read about these plugins on the other plugins page. Our server is 24/7 except when we are updating or have a power failure. We try our hardest to keep the server up all the time and will warn you if we are going to restart. If the server is down wait a minute or two and probably the server is back up. Finally if CraftBukkit is not updated we may put on a fun map in survival for you to enjoy while we wait for the update.


1. No Greifing(Our Definition of Greifing is actualy destroing large amounts of a structure not just destroying and then replacing a block to get in to a structure that does not have protection.)

2. No Creating rude structures. (they will be destroyed by our professional griefer.)

3. No begging. (We like Kicking people)

4. No Swearing.(we also like jailing people)

Hall of Fame

Owner: Mathboy19

Co-Owner: Minerboy54321

We also would like to say thank you to out talented group of admins who are distinguable by their prefix {Admin}.