Me. A website by Eli me Cohen
So you're here by some reason or another. Thank you, please read on, or you could just go to facebook and leave right now. You're still here? Good. Let's begin.
This site, as I'm sure you know, is by me. I own it. It is mine. Here you can find my short autobiography, my opinions on various things, and information about my upcoming projects; a tv show and a book or two or three of however many I feel like. But I'm always open to feedback. You can email me at Because hey, if you criticize me, I can pretend you don't exist. Or you can always stalk my life. But you're not getting that information... For free.
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Now let's start with the boring cheesy random stuff that you probably should know. I'm Eli Cohen. Eli Aron Cohen. A young adult. This site is 4\5 me. I can tell you about some things in Reviews, raves, and rants. You're on a homepage. You know what that is. It's this. If you don't, please don't even bother yourself with trying to read this and go back to Alabama*, but I'm proud you managed to get your hands on a computer and get yourself here. Bye now! As for the rest of you, About Me is a brief summary of all the things happening to my person in the amazing city of Los Angeles and the places I go. Book projects will describe my three books in depth; post apocalyptic mystery, my life with extra, and a single mother's struggles in Los Angeles written alongside my Mother (not the main character). TV projects will tell you about the show I'm trying to make about the second book I'm trying to write (the one about me).

*No offense intended to any and all Alabamans. Alabama is a perfectly nice hellhole.**

**Sorry but I had to. I have no negative feelings harbored towards Alabama.