Welcome to where you can learn about your computer and what you can do with it. Up above there are the links to find put about what cool things you can do. Check out my Tips and Tricks page for cool things you can do with your computer. I am a PC gamer and I also have an Xbox but PC is my favorite. I Might give my usernames to the games i play so I can play with you, my fans. i have other games i will preview too down below.Also check out my Online Games page for cool online games that i show strategies for the game and i will play all parts and tell you what I think of it. If you want to contact me my email is at the bottom of this page.Tell me games to try and also advice to help the site.This site is fun for all but have to be responsible. I hope you enjoy!!!!!

Other favorite games soon to come:


Age of Empires III

CoD: Black Ops






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