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about me links to my favorite sites my top 3 favorite video games
twd98 fan #3 kirby 64 the crystal shards
likes super smash bros and mario kart wii,7 double dash #2 super smash bros brawl
is a pro at mario kart wii #1 mario kart wii
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Hi my name is Cole. I live in califorinia. I like playing racing ,fighting and platforming video games. my 3 favorite video games are kirby 64 crystal shards super smash bros brawl and mario kart wii ctgp revolution. i just started playing custom tracks 1 week ago and suck at it. but i am very good at regular nintendo tracks. my favorite ctgp track is volcanic skyway 3. my favorite nintendo track is toads factory. i like playing video games on evey nintendo consle from 1985-2012. i love the nintendo wii and nintendo 64. istarted playing mario kart in 2008 the first track i played on was toads factory, i played with my dad my sister and i. my dad still likes playing mario just like i do. the same with super smash bros. brawl. i got brawl for my birthday in 2007. i didnt play it because i played pokemon at the time, one day 6 months later decided to play brawl i got it out and played it with my babysitter and my syster, i had so much fun playing that game. I also like cars alot. i collect hotwheels and i play forza 2,3 and 4. my favorite cars are: shelby, porsche and ford. when i grow up i want to be a car maker. one of my favorite car is the shelby cobra. my dad likes cars alot to. ive met several race car driver like: bob bondarant, cleo shelby sommone shelby, jay leno( i met him at a chinese resterant in monterey) and many more.ive gone to several racing event like monterey historics i am actually going this year (2012) the first week. i also want to be a car collector when i grow up. i used to go kart i had the record at miramar speed circuit. d

i have a 3 star ranking and 9999vr my friend code is


my mario kart wii name is max speed.. i love playing mario kart wii i play it every day. it took me a month do get a three star ranking and it was extremly hard to. i play custom tracks sometimes, but not all the time. i use the wii remote and the nunchuck. i usually use funky kong flame runner or daisy and the mach bike or rosalina and the spear. ive always wanted to join a mario kart wii clan.

twd98 makes very good mario kart wii videos he is my alltime favorite mario kart wii player. he does glitches on mario kart wii, mkwii olynpic videos, rate that custom track ( which is my favorite series ) custom tracks worldwide, worldwide pro rooms, time trial world records and best moments weekly. iv e only ran into twd98 once online once on ctgp r and regular online. twd98 makes a bunch of videos with his friends. he also does tutorials on shourtcuts and glitches. redfalcongames is also makes awesome videos. his videos are about video games he tells you about the games and does lets play videos. his videos are very creative and interesting. he also makes videos with twd98. doom13371 makes mario kart wii videos similer to twd98. he makes world record videos. he is an epic mario kart wii player. he also makes some super smash bros videos. he is very skilled at super smash bros. brawl. sagerg0350 makes maario kart wii videos too. he is awesome at mario kart wii. he does vs videos with twd98 in ninbuzz. swordOFseals makes mario kart wii videos. he is the master at controlling the spear. he has lots and lots of world records on mario kart. he is amazing at custom tracks worldwide. he is the master at mario kart wii. and finaly jakool16 he has a lot of world records. he makes some worldwide races. hes the king of mario kart wii. all of these games are very creative fun and addicting i suggest tring thes games you will need a nintendo 64 for kirby 64 the crystal shards. super smash bros. and mario kart wii you will need a wii. kirby crystal shards is a game about a pink ball that eats enemies and takes there power and uses it against them. the game is highly creative and is very very very very awesome. super smash bros brawl is a figting game where you are nintendo characers figting eachother. this game takes forever to beat and very hard to beat, you get to make youre very own stages, theres an adventure mode were your tring to save the world from the subspace and finally you can also brawl with or without youre friend online or offline. there is also a ton of mini games. and finally mario kart wii this a very creative racing game that has been around since 1992. you get to be almost all of the mario characters and as you go through time trial or grand prix you unlock new courses, cars and characters you get to play online. you can play up to 4 friends offline. you can play with a friend online. there is also a battle mode, but youre gonna half to play that one yourself its amazing.
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