Ancient Civilizations




Welcome to Ancient Civilizations, a Roleplaying Minecraft Server

Currently, our map is under development, but you can register to become a premium builder so that you can help us construct our many cities and dungeons.

There are many great places to explore in our world, but there are a few rules relating to what you are allowed to build.

  1. Greifing IS allowed, but only outside of the city and dungeon boundaries. You will be notified when you are entering and leaving these areas

2. TNT blast damage is disabled throughout the entire map, but any TNT cannons aimed towards any cities or other areas are not allowed and their creators will recieve a 24 hour ban along with their inventory being wiped.

3. You are recommended to live inside one of our many cities because there is much excitement occuring inside, but you are permitted to build you own house outside of the city boundaries.

4. Any attempt at starting a forest-fire will result in a perma-ban, and the server will be forced to restart, so DONT DO IT.

5. Anybody caught using flymods or xray mods will be given a warning and all "cheated" items revoked the first time, and a 24 hour ban and all of their money revoked the second time. If they continue to break the rules, they will be perma-banned.

6. You can ban-appeal by sending an email to the link mentioned on the registration page, but if you are proved guilty, you will be debunked to an ip-ban.

7. Finally, have fun in our server!