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Hi. This is my website. Incase you were wondering what my website was about you may want to read this. This is the homepage. My Games is a part of this website which includes three great games I made. Note: You may have to have a pc to run these. It features Gems and Ghosts, an addicting click game, Escape, an epic quest inside an unforgiving maze, and Ryan's Journey, an amazing journey to stop the evil... Grave Digger. Links To Other Computer Game Websites. It includes Ninja Kiwi, Notdoppler, and Addicting Games. All of those are awesome game websites. Castle Crashers Unlockables Guide (PS3) is a helpful unlockable guide to my favorite video game, Castle Crashers. ( This guide is only for PS3 ). It features all unlockable characters and animal orbs legitimately obtained. Enjoy the site!